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Recovery Misconceptions

Recovery Myths and Misconceptions

The recovery journey can be quite overwhelming, especially in the early days. It’s important to understand that there are many misconceptions and misguided opinions about recovery. These beliefs and opinions are oftentimes formed from stereotypes of those who have never suffered from substance addiction or even misinterpretation through the media.

These misconceptions can be very misleading and only further feed the existing stigma surrounding addiction and recovery. Unfortunately, these misconceptions often deter those who need help to be more hesitant to seek treatment.

You Won’t Have A Social Life In Sobriety

Those in early recovery often fear how sobriety will affect their social life. An important aspect of the recovery process is re-evaluating your current social support system and establishing new, healthy relationships. Part of this process may mean you’ll need need to limit or end certain relationships in your life because of the way those relationships may have enabled in you in the past.

Addiction Is A Choice

There is plenty of stigma around addiction being a moral choice and not a disease, which of course is not true. Addiction is not a choice, but a very real brain disease. There are various factors that can contribute to the risk of developing an addiction. Substances can affect and change our brains, such as control over actions and judgement and cause many behavioural problems.

Relapse Equals Failure

Substance disorders are managed the same way as other medical conditions, and if relapse occurs, it does not mean recovery is completely out of reach. It’s not uncommon for those in recovery to relapse. It can be extremely disappointing, but it’s crucial to preserve until long-term sobriety has been reached.

You Won’t Be Able To Repair Broken Relationships

Addiction can cause havoc and considerable damage to personal relationships. Part of the recovering journey is accepting what you have done to your love ones. Repairing the damage can be a rigorous and time-consuming process, but it is achievable.

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