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ARC Dual Diagnosis Specialist Centre

Specialist treatment of psychiatric disorders, substance dependence or other addictions associated with these disorders.

Substance Abuse Diagnosis

This unit offers all the services that adults would receive with an additional focus on remedial and educational needs.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Individual consultations by our professional mental health care and medical practitioners.


Our programme strongly focuses on the improvement of the individual’s:
• Physical functioning
• Self-esteem
• Interpersonal relationships
• Vocational productivity

Our programme offers a strong focus on continuing care. It’s said that it’s easy to stay clean inside of a treatment programme designed to keep a person safe and following a strict routine. The greater challenge is going back into the world and facing day to day challenges with a limited support base. Our extended care programmes include:
• Secondary care In-Patient Treatment
• Our Halfway House & Assisted Living Programmes
• Out-Patient
• Individual Counselling Sessions

Our mental health care programmes include treatment programmes designed to assist clients whose functioning has become further impaired because of physiological and/or behavioural addictions. Supported by 24-hour specialised nursing care, our programme includes the following;
• Medical detoxification
• Occupational (group and individual) psychotherapy
• Psycho-social education
• Lectures and workshops
• Introspection and the examining of self-destructive past behaviours
• An introduction to the 12 steps and associated fellowships
• Facilitating family support

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