Sobriety and Social Life

16 Sep: Myths About Socialising & Sobriety

A common fear in the early recovery journey is that sobriety disconnects you from having a social life. The beginning of socialising in your new sober life will certainly present challenges and you may feel apprehensive in these early days, it’s important to remember why you started this journey. Becoming sober will actually improve your relationships.

Addiction Recovey

10 Sep: Dealing with Resentment in Recovery

Letting go of resentment is vital to living a sober and happy life. Resentment causes individuals to avoid addressing their own emotions and feelings and harbour unresolved bitterness, which can eventually lead to a full-blown relapse if not overcome.

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31 Aug: Helping An Addict Who Doesn’t Want Help

Watching a loved one suffer from substance addiction is extremely difficult, even more so when they refuse the help they need to overcome their addiction. When an addict refuses treatment, the results can be disastrous to everyone surrounding them.

Although the situation may seem hopeless, there are various ways you can help them navigate to the path of sobriety.