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Psychologist Team

Maritza Lubbe
Clinical Psychologist

Maritza is a registered Clinical Psychologist, working from an integrative approach, which is tailored to each client’s individual needs. Her understanding of mental health is underpinned by an appreciation of the intricate interplay between psychology, sociology and physiology. She has special interests in; anxiety disorders, identity formation, gender and sexuality, youth development, DBT, executive functioning and neuropsychology

Psychologist Team

Lario Botha
Counselling Psychologist

Lario completed her Masters in Counselling Psychology at the University of North West in 2016. Following her Masters, she completed her internship in 2017 at an alcohol and drug rehab in Pretoria. Since then, she has been working predominantly in the rehab sector. In 2018, Lario decided to launch a program specifically aimed at assisting teenagers struggling with substance abuse.


Pakeeza Carrim
Counselling Psychologist

Pakeeza is a Counselling Psychologist. Her approach is eclectic and holistic. She deals with all the dimensions of human existence, psychological and emotional functioning, human/social relationships, religious/spiritual problems, occupational, physical health and ethical issues. She makes use of cognitive behaviour therapy, family therapy, imago, narrative therapy, play and art therapy, visualization and relaxation

Christopher Harper
Counselling Psychologist

Christopher is a registered Counselling Psychologist with 20 years of experience & he has worked in the development field for 27 years. His areas of special interest include: individual counselling including adults & teenagers, couples counselling, addiction & recovery, anxiety and depression, violence and trauma including domestic violence, sexual abuse and sexual violence, men’s issues including those related to anger and irritability, intimacy and affection, non-medically explained sexual difficulties and difficulties in expressing appropriate emotional responses

Izelle Van der Heiden
Head Nurse

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